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Structured Sober Living in Marietta, Georgia

Here at Four Winds Recovery, we believe that any and ALL people in Recovery can achieve great success with enough dedication, motivation, and willingness.

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Sober Living in Marietta, Georgia

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Four Winds Recovery is a Recovery Residence for those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder and are seeking Recovery. We at Four Winds Recovery provide personal and individualized care for each one of our participant’s needs. We have trained and experienced staff who are all in Recovery themselves. We provide counseling, Recovery coaching, employment assistance, and integration into the Recovery community. Our mission at Four Winds Recovery is to assist each individual by providing the tools they need to live a successful life free from the grips of addiction.

Our Services

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We provide a safe, clean, and sober environment for those interested in taking their lives and their recovery to the next level. Residents will have the opportunity to have a continuous level of care with individual Recovery Coaching/Counseling, Life Skills/Anger Management and Experiential activities on a weekly basis. For those who require an additional level of care or accountability, we provide recommendations for clinical services and/or Intensive Outpatient Services.


What Can I Expect at Four Winds Recovery?

•  Fully furnished Apartments/Bedrooms

•  All utilities including Internet

•  One-on-one Weekly Recovery Coaching Sessions with a Credentialed Professional

•  Twice a week Community Experiential Therapy groups

•  Life Skills Curriculum with Life Skills Coach (8-week program)

•  Anger Management Curriculum with Anger Management Specialist

•  Employment Assistance and Resume Assistance

•  Weekly randomized Drug Screening and Breathalyzing (14 Panel Urinalysis and ETG testing) 

•  Medication Management and Monitoring

•  Communication and compliance with probation/parole/pre-trial services 

•  Consultation for additional clinical services if needed

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