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At Four Winds, the staff is deeply committed to their roles, viewing them not merely as a career but as a life calling with significant meaning and purpose. Each team member's profound sense of dedication stems from a shared understanding and empathy, as many of are in recovery themselves. Driven by compassion, empathy, and professionalism, we know that recovery is a deeply personal journey, but believe it can be nurtured and strengthened in a community setting guided by those who have walked the path before. 

Learn more about our sober living staff below:

Meet Our Team //


Cody Davis  CADC

Founder/Clinical Director


Cody Davis is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and an Education Provider through the ADACBGA. He has worked in various levels of care while serving a wide demographic of individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Cody is highly trained and utilizes experiential modalities to connect with his clients. He has a primary focus of working with anger and shame-based fear, as it pertains to each of his individual clients. Cody is very passionate about working with men who suffer from the disease of addiction, which comes from his own experience of battling addiction and homelessness as a young adult. Cody’s vision for Four Winds Recovery LLC has been to create an affordable top tier Recovery Residence which emphasizes individual clinical services. Watching his vision become a reality has been nothing short of humbling for him.


Kellen Zanone  RCP

Co-Owner/Admissions & Community Outreach


Kellen Zanone is a Cobb County native who has been with Four Winds Recovery since it’s infant stages as an organization. Originally brought on as a Primary Recovery Coach, he quickly rose into a leadership role with Four Winds Recovery. Kellen was offered a partnership role and recognized as the Co-Owner of Four Winds Recovery as of 2023. Kellen is an individual in long term recovery and believes that recovery is about changing your lifestyle in addition to sobriety. Kellen began working with the SUD community shortly after getting sober due to his drive to help individuals find freedom from addiction. Throughout his professional career, he has worked several different roles in different modalities of treatment and loves connecting with families effected by SUD. Being able to give back to the community of Cobb County has been an honor and privilege for him.

Ryan Workman

Program Director

Ryan Workman serves as the Program Director of Four Winds Recovery. A part of the original team, Ryan continued to take on new roles for the organization. Ryan served as our lead resident coordinator in 2021, before moving into an admissions role and eventually being recognized as the program director. Four Winds Recovery would not be the program that it is today without Ryan. He has truly helped with the building blocks of the program and has a daily mission to help improve the infrastructure of the program. Ryan’s testimony of his personal recovery is incredible, and we are grateful that he has dedicated his life to giving back to our community.

Channing Yarbrough  CAMS, CIT

Lead Clinical Liaison


Channing Yarbrough is our Lead Clinical Liaison at Four Winds Recovery. Channing has completed certification in Anger Management (CAMS) and is currently pursuing his CADC. During his professional journey, Channing worked with The Extension in Marietta GA. Channing has continued to show through his own personal life and testimony, that his dedication to Recovery is nothing less than pure passion. Our residents love working with Channing on an individual basis and participating in the groups that he facilitates. Channing has a way of connecting with men in early Recovery that is not only unique, but vital to our resident’s success. We are honored to have been able to witness his professional journey thus far.

Larry Larkin  CIT

Spiritual Life Director


Larry Larkin is the Spiritual Life Director at Four Winds Recovery LLC. Larry has been working in the addiction treatment field for 6 years as of 2021. Currently, Larry is pursuing the Certified Addiction Counselor(CACI) credential. Larry has been seeking truth and guidance through many different paths of spirituality that allow for him to offer perspective and understanding to those who are looking to gain a deeper relationship with their own spirituality. Larry has an extensive history of connecting with others through music and has served a wide demographic of addicts seeking recovery. Larry is compassionate, optimistic, and believes everyone has the capacity to become clean and sober through engagement with others in a program of recovery. We are proud to have Larry on the team.

Tony Stanley  CAC I

Primary Counselor


Tony Stanley is a Certified Addiction Counselor (CACI) and is truly a master at his craft. Tony has a natural passion and discipline for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Tony has a vast history of work experience in the addiction treatment field, primarily with his work in serving the homeless population. Tony has completed his CACI credential and is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at Kennesaw State University. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Tony plans to pursue the Master of Social Work Degree program at Kennesaw State University. With his authenticity and comedic personality, Tony Stanley represents a strong asset to the Four Winds Recovery team. 


Kenneth Adams  CAC II

Primary Counselor

Kenneth Adams is a Primary Counselor at Four Winds Recovery. Kenneth is originally from New Orleans, LA. where he worked in the Music Industry for over 25 years after graduating from the University of New Orleans. Kenneth moved to Marietta in 2016 but has long time family ties to the Metro Atlanta area. Kenneth's journey in recovery began at The Extension in Marietta. His experience in recovery kindled in him a passion for service and a deep-seated desire to help others improve their lives. In 2022, Kenneth was recognized as a Certified Addiction Counselor Level 2(CACII). Kenneth brings a unique skill set of compassion, understanding and patience that is essential to the resident’s success.

David Dodd  CIT 

Assistant Lead Resident Coordinator

David Dodd is a native of Statesboro, GA and has been involved in the recovery scene in metro Atlanta over the last 2 years. David originally came to north metro Atlanta to seek treatment from substance use disorder in 2021. Upon completion of a local long-term program, David began an internship at Four Winds Recovery. He fell in love with the brotherhood amongst staff and residents and was offered a support staff position in 2022. David also returned to school in 2022 and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw State University. David’s favorite part of working in recovery has been: “watching men grow a new life for themselves free of misery”.

Mike Wicks

Resident Coordinator

Mike Wicks is a proud alumnus of the program of Four Winds Recovery. Upon completion of the program in 2021, Mike was offered a support staff position to help assist with operations. Mike’s personal testimony of overcoming challenges for his recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. We are truly honored to work with and be a part of his story. His personal testimony and resilience are inspiring to the men of our community.  


Jason Ritter  CIT 

Mutimedia Specialist


Jason is our Multimedia Specialist at Four Winds Recovery. Jason is originally from State College, PA. where he earned his bachelor’s degree in IT and Visual Communications. As creative director, Jason is in charge of our in house creative department. His duties include planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, revising presentations, and shaping brand standards. Jason’s passion towards helping others stems from his own long term Recovery, which makes him an extremely valuable asset to the Four Winds Family. 

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Our team, many of whom have walked their own paths to recovery, offer not just professional support but personal understanding and empathy. They're committed to guiding each resident not only towards sobriety but towards a life of fulfillment and purpose. If you or a loved one are looking for help, call us now at 404-957-6765, or fill out a contact form below. 

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