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Four Winds Recovery believes that any and ALL people in Recovery can achieve great success with enough dedication, motivation, and willingness.

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Is drug and alcohol use negatively affecting your family, work, finances and/or relationships? Do you have trouble controlling how much or how often you’re drinking? If you’ve answered YES, you’re probably already dependent on alcohol and need help getting sober.


Getting and staying sober is very challenging, but with the right support network and tools, it’s completely attainable. Our mission at Four Winds Recovery is to assist each individual by providing the tools they need to live successful lives free from the grips of addiction.




When someone tries to suddenly stop using alcohol after a prolonged period of excessive use or dependency, they’ll most likely experience alcohol withdrawal. Depending on the individual’s consumption history, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary in their severity and length. For some people, symptoms are mild to moderate, while for others, they can be painful and even life-threatening.

Common symptoms of withdrawal include:



   •   Headaches

   •   Nausea

   •   Elevated Blood Pressure

   •   Excessive Sweating 

   •   Rapid Heartbeat

   •   Seizures

   •   Anxiety 

   •   Hallucinations  

   •   Irritability 

   •   Agitation

   •   Delirium Tremens



When someone suddenly stops or decreases the regular dosage of a drug they’ve been taking, they’ll most likely experience a set of symptoms called withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and/or psychological, depending on the drug/s being consumed.

Withdrawal is NOT the same for everyone. Some factors that contribute to when withdrawal starts, how severe it is, and how long symptoms last, are:

  • How long the person has been using the drug/s

  • Which drug/s were used

  • How much was being used each time

  • The length of time between usages








The signs and symptoms of withdrawal vary greatly from one drug to the next. Withdrawal from some drugs like benzodiazepines, opioids, and alcohol are notoriously painful and in some cases life threatening. General drug withdrawal symptoms may include: Shakiness, loss of appetite, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, sweating, headaches, irritability and depression, these symptoms can vary in intensity based on the level and length of the addiction.


Whether you started using opioids with a doctor’s prescription, or recreationally for non-medical reasons, once you’re dependent on opioids, it’s extremely difficult to stop using them - But we can help!


At Four Winds Recovery, we use a variety of different support methods to help people change their drug use behaviors and develop healthy life skills. You’ll benefit from:

  • Structure and daily schedules

  • Peer support from other patients

  • Living in a drug-free environment

  • Resolving family & relationship conflicts

  • Coping skills to help prevent relapses

  • Addressing trauma & psychological conditions





At Four Winds Recovery, treatment for opioid addiction begins with our clinical team of addiction specialists. They will develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to address your specific recovery needs and challenges. Several factors will influence the treatment plan that we’ll develop for you:

  • How long you’ve been using opioids, heroin or other opiate drugs

  • The amount and frequency of your substance use

  • Whether you use alcohol or other drugs in addition to opioids

  • Your overall physical and mental health

  • Your family relationships and support network


Our mission at Four Winds Recovery is to assist each individual by providing the tools they need to live successful lives free from the grips of addiction.


We provide a safe, clean, and sober environment for those interested in taking their lives and their recovery to the next level.

Residents will receive a continuous level of care with individual Recovery Coaching and Experiential activities on a weekly basis. For those who require an additional level of care or accountability we provide unbiased recommendations for clinical services to help each person get their needs met through offering optional Intensive Outpatient Services with a number of programs.


We are on a step-down Phase program (1, 2 & 3) with different levels of accountability and responsibilities at each phase. We stress the importance of community across the board and attempt to build a connection to overcome our Substance Use Disorder through brotherhood.  

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